Business Areas Where Art Is A Common Feature

The word art encompasses many different forms of expression. It is an activity carried out by talented individuals either for leisure or for the purpose of investments. It refers to film, photography, painting and other visual media but on a broader base, it involves music, dance, interactive media and literature.

Many artists today have their work in print. Activities such as painting and drawing have created a forum for investment. Having its beginings many centuries ago, it has braved the storms of time to become what it is today.

Almost everything on the surface of the earth involves art to some extent. Continue reading “Business Areas Where Art Is A Common Feature”

A Father’s Heart

I recently had heart-to-heart conversations with three teenage clients about their fathers. I found it interesting that, though they don’t know each other or come from the same part of the country, they shared a common theme: they struggle with the hurt of not feeling loved by their fathers. I have also communicated with some of their fathers and learned they struggle with wanting to connect to their daughters but don’t know how. Human beings are the one species on this planet that die without this significant need: emotional connection.

In my years of counseling the men who were brave enough to enter my office and engage with me, I have come to a deeper understanding and appreciation for a man’s heart, especially when he is a father. Continue reading “A Father’s Heart”

Why Buy Beats On The Internet

Making one of a kind sounds and music can be hard and frustrating, but it can also be a rewarding task. A lot of people can eliminate some turmoil by buying a beat base that is already done and infuse it into their own songs. These recordings can be purchased and downloaded from a wide range of sites and may cost next to nothing or might be rather expensive depending on the length and the complexity of the recording.

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