Going Full Circle: A Future of Independent Art

There’s no question living in this day and age of technology allows us to experience incredible things. As years pass, and technology changes, we find that we are changing right along with it.

One change we are seeing is in the world of publishing. Countless unknowns are getting their books out there for customers to read, and even big name authors who have written for traditional publishers for years are breaking out on their own.

This is highly fascinating for many reasons, but what I want to focus on is where I see the future heading as things are going. Continue reading “Going Full Circle: A Future of Independent Art”

Art As A Form Of Investment And Online Limited Edition Offers

The idea that human beings can put onto paper, images depicting, the surroundings, animals and buildings has been in practice for many centuries. The only thing that has changed is the form in which this is done. Ancient tribes would use basic skills. Nowadays, the application of technology is widely acceptable in all types of art. No wonder, it is easy to find many paintings posted at internet sales points.

With the passage of time, mankind has perfected the manner in which this means of literary expression is carried out. Continue reading “Art As A Form Of Investment And Online Limited Edition Offers”

Portable Restrooms – Not As Bad As They Seem

It’s happened to everyone. At one point or another in your life, you’ve felt the urge and had to take care of it right where you were. Most people feel the burn at public events like circuses or country fairs. Construction workers, especially, face this problem quite often. Everyone knows that when nature calls, you simply have to answer. Unfortunately, there isn’t always a four-star bathroom available when you need it. You might be in the middle of nowhere on a construction site or looking at broncos at the country fair. Continue reading “Portable Restrooms – Not As Bad As They Seem”

What Is Video Production?

The video production process is divided into three phases:-

• Pre-Production

• Production

• Post-Production

The foremost phase in video production is the Pre-Production. Like for a sturdy building, you need to have a strong foundation, similarly for an outstandingly amazing video, it is very important that the idea and script should be dealt with utmost care and novelty, as these two elements serve as the base for a magnificent video. A never heard before idea is something which can ensure a huge success for the final video. Continue reading “What Is Video Production?”