The Great Debut of The Newsroom by Aaron Sorkin

Monday night I eagerly anticipated the season premiere of The Newsroom, an HBO series by Aaron Sorkin. Sorkin has always delivered high quality material from the acclaimed West Wing to the smash hit movie about Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, The Social Network.

Like his previous works, The Newsroom was sharp, quick witted, and intelligent. Jeff Daniels stars as Will McAvoy, a jaded news anchor who is forced to work with an old flame, Mackenzie MacHale, played by Emily Mortimer. As the show opens, Daniels is burnt out and co-opted. Continue reading “The Great Debut of The Newsroom by Aaron Sorkin”

Portrait of a Modern Poet, and Ancient Wanderer


For near a full decade (1997-2005), a short season of merrymaking, the money ran through Mr. Chick Even’ Fingers, like water running out of a wide opened valve. He owned six apartment houses, one being a building. He purchased large parcels of groceries, and delicacies, rare and old books, limited edition prints signed by Dali, and Picasso, went to the theatre, to see “Oliver,” and other musicals. Traveled from one country to another monthly; in his trousers and coat pockets he carried a roll of one-hundred dollar bills. Continue reading “Portrait of a Modern Poet, and Ancient Wanderer”

How and Why to Buy Art, Even If You Are Super Rich!

If you are one of the privileged few, who having been fortunate, now own at least two homes (one of them will be a large villa, or mansion), you have possibly paid a top architect and an interior designer, to create your palace, and your gardens are managed by specialist landscape gardeners and everything is beautiful – the rest of us can just dream on!

But how do you then go about adding your own personal statement to your magnificent home? This is when works of art are considered, but even here you can call on the experts too and pay an art consultant, or specialist to guide you. Continue reading “How and Why to Buy Art, Even If You Are Super Rich!”