We Have Aged, Yet Not Grown

We Have Aged, Yet Not Grown

About half a century ago I, then in my mid teens, came to Chandigarh, from a dusty small town in Punjab, to study art at the local School of Art. Enamoured by a very new environment, particularly at the School, (it was christened as College of Art much later) it became somewhat compulsive for all of my classmates to feign ‘artistic’ look and behaviour.

To achieve this, we learnt a number of tricks of the trade like carrying of colour palettes or brushes and wearing of aprons and a clumsy look even when out of our working studios. Continue reading “We Have Aged, Yet Not Grown”

The Difference Between Novelizations and Adaptions

Movies from books seem to be all the rage lately. More and more movies based on books are popping up in theaters and drawing from existing fans of the book the movie is based on. These movies are known as adaptions (aka books that are movies).

But another type of movies from books (or rather books from movies) is known as a novelization, which is essentially the reverse of a movie adaption. A book is written after the movie is created and therefore the movie is “novelized” for a new audience: book lovers!

Often times what happens is a movie studio will hire a screenwriter to write a script for a movie. Continue reading “The Difference Between Novelizations and Adaptions”

Citroen C4 DVD Player With GPS Navigation and Digital HD Touchscreen

Comfortable and luxurious cars need accessories that match their performance. Citroen C4 is made readyfor the installation of the latest DVD Navigation System that includes a player, which adds to each many excellent features. With the DVD player, you can listen to music while driving along lonely roads and highways. Aside from breaking the deadly silence that prevails when you are driving alone for long hours on deserted or isolated roads, music also cheers you up and soothes your emotions as you drive to your final destinations. Continue reading “Citroen C4 DVD Player With GPS Navigation and Digital HD Touchscreen”

Art Scanning – How to Use a Flatbed Scanner to Reproduce a Print

Art Scanning - How to Use a Flatbed Scanner to Reproduce a Print

Artists, publishers and others have several methods available to perform art scanning to preserve their work, including photographing artwork or having it scanned with a drum scanner. However, a flatbed scanner also provides a suitable method for art scanning. From a business perspective, it’s very important to scan your artwork to preserve it to reference for future projects or to market your work..

Following are some tips you can use for art scanning prints. Continue reading “Art Scanning – How to Use a Flatbed Scanner to Reproduce a Print”

Western Art Has Never Looked So Good

Western art is any art form North and South America, Europe, and Oceania. They revolve round a central theme of being humanistic and naturalistic. Their artwork exhibits the human figure and how it acts in its pure environment. Western art has its unique characteristics in comparison with different art varieties from other places. Each artwork style has a definite fashion that gets them categorized into Classical, Byzantine and Medieval. Renaissance, Baroque, Fashionable and Post-trendy ages are also included here. Continue reading “Western Art Has Never Looked So Good”