Creating Art From the Heart! – Overcoming Artistic Blocks

Creating Art From the Heart! - Overcoming Artistic Blocks

Let’s explore the process of creating artwork – fine art, graphic design, contemporary art, mixed media, photography, sculpture, or public art. Do you create art from the inside out? What is your motivation? What inspires you? How do you begin when you don’t know where to start? Do you give yourself permission to create “bad art”, while learning a new medium or technique? I will share with you techniques I’ve learned for overcoming artistic blocks, finding inspiration, and creating art as meditation.

Overcoming Artistic Blocks

How many times have you wanted to start an art project… Continue reading “Creating Art From the Heart! – Overcoming Artistic Blocks”

Chinese Dragon Boat Festival – A Commemoration of National Hero Qu Yuan

A significant festival celebrated in China with the longest history, the Dragon Boat Festival falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month to commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan.

Qu Yuan, a Chinese national hero who drowned himself into the Mi Luo River in 277 BC to react against the corrupt and incompetent rulers. Qu Yuan was a minister of the state Chu, which aligned with another state with increasing power named Qin. Qu Yuan was dubbed a trader and was expelled to the frontier region, and it was during that period he wrote what was considered as China’s first great poetry. Continue reading “Chinese Dragon Boat Festival – A Commemoration of National Hero Qu Yuan”

How to Create a Watercolor Look Using a Waterbrush or a Blending Pen

Do you love the look of watercolor painting, but you yourself are not a painter? Well, you’re not alone! I, too, love the appearance of watercolor paintings and I would not consider myself a painter by any stretch of the imagination. But, you know what? You’re in luck. There are a few simple tools that can help you easily create this appearance without the fuss.

The first tool is called a Blending Pen. In my opinion this is the easiest way to achieve the watercolor effect. It is a water-based pen that helps merge colors. Continue reading “How to Create a Watercolor Look Using a Waterbrush or a Blending Pen”

Interview With Vivi Devereaux

It has taken a fair amount of time and phone calls in order to have the chance to do an interview with Vivi who happens to be an extremely difficult man to get hold of (understandable) but I believe it was well worth the effort. Arriving early at a cafe in downtown LA I sat to wait for him to arrive, admittedly nervous, twirling my pen between my fingers and playing with my iPad and voice recorder hoping I wouldn’t screw anything up! But first a little background.

Vivi Devereaux is a South African born actor who made a move from modelling to theatre and film after being inspired and realising that this was the career he was meant to be in. Continue reading “Interview With Vivi Devereaux”

Deciphering Superstitious Numbers in China – Lucky and Unlucky Numbers

In Chinese culture, people usually attach great importance to numbers especially for business related usage. Some auspicious numbers are considered as having supernatural power to bring good luck to the business and the owner; on the contrary, inauspicious ones might destroy the business or cause great disaster with ease. For foreigners who are trying to establish cooperation with local Chinese, enough attention should be paid to check whether the numbers are auspicious or not.

Lucky Numbers

Most Chinese people are willing to pay a large sum for certain lucky numbers as phone number, street address, driver’s license, etc.

The number 2 is viewed as a lucky number because since ancient times the Chinese used to believe that good things usually come in pairs. Continue reading “Deciphering Superstitious Numbers in China – Lucky and Unlucky Numbers”

War Skunks

War Skunks

(Land of the Pharaoh: the end of the American Dynasty)

When a war goes on as long as America’s wars do, in particular,

America with Afghanistan and Iraqi (we can add, Vietnam too)-

It’s a crime; it really is… !

The greed, and lies for peace mean nothing-it’s all cheap talk: it is amusing, we become great authors of tragedies…

We hide the soldier’s bibles, bleach the blood out of their cloths, while industry signs contracts for a billion more bullets, vehicles, Missiles, and much, much more, to wet the earth with, to scorch it raw… Continue reading “War Skunks”

The Benefits of Theatre Programs for Kids

The Benefits of Theatre Programs for Kids

If you want to get your child involved in an activity, you should consider putting him or her in theatre. The performing arts can be beneficial in many ways for young kids. Find out why you are advised to give this extracurricular activity a chance, no matter how old or young your child is.

One of the best things performing arts can teach is self-confidence. Continue reading “The Benefits of Theatre Programs for Kids”

Social Media Command Centers: What Are They and How Can They Help Your Business?

The new term buzzing around the business world is “social media command center.” Tech stuff changes so rapidly, it’s hard to even keep up with. But, fortunately, we’re here to help you keep on top of the latest trends in the industry.

So, What is a Social Media Command Center?

Larger businesses, institutions, and universities have stumbled onto the idea of creating these. One specific example was used for the most recent Super Bowl in 2012, held in Indianapolis. A team of 20 professionals staffed a 2,800 square-foot space in downtown Indianapolis for 15 hours per day for the two weeks leading up to, and including, the event. Continue reading “Social Media Command Centers: What Are They and How Can They Help Your Business?”