Remembering the Ohio State Barber College

Back when I was a child growing up in Ohio in the late 1950’s, I lived with my Mom and two brothers in a little two-room upstairs apartment on Cleveland Avenue in Columbus. It was so small we had to share the only bathroom with our neighbor. We boys had a monthly routine of taking turns going downtown with Mom to get haircuts. When it was time for my haircut, Mom and I would leave my older brother Doug to watch my younger brother Tony back at the apartment. Off we would go to the Ohio State Barber College on High Street. Continue reading “Remembering the Ohio State Barber College”

Costume Stores: A Boutique Experience

Costume Stores: A Boutique Experience

It is true that there are a variety of different costume stores to choose from. Some offer outfits for purchase while other offer rentals. But in order to enjoy the time spend searching and the most authentic look, you want a boutique experience. Don’t’ settle for a company that just lets customers handle their choices and options alone. Professionals take the time to learn more about a customer’s needs, present several different options and accessorize and enhance the overall look.

Learning More About a Customer’s Needs

Costume stores should make sure that customers are front and center. Continue reading “Costume Stores: A Boutique Experience”

How Themed Environments Can Affect Your Mood

The eyes play a very important role in determining your mood. This is very true for eyes are the ones that send like or dislike signals to the brain when you see something new. Certainly if you see something and perceive it to be scary your mood is guaranteed to change immediately and adrenaline secretion will start causing you to panic or even flee. If it’s the other way round and you like what you see your mood changes and adrenaline is released as well thus causing you to become jump and so excited. Continue reading “How Themed Environments Can Affect Your Mood”

Stay Focused To Get Rid Of Clutter!

Stay Focused To Get Rid Of Clutter!

Focus is extremely important to being successful in many areas of our lives. Unfortunately it is something that is getting hard to deal with as time goes on. How many of us find more and more distractions as time goes on? What you may not realize is that staying focused is also important to getting rid of clutter and working towards the goal of living a decluttered life.

When we want to get a report finished at work, a paper written for school, or an email typed up to a friend we generally make sure we do that one thing – so that we do it well and to ensure we finish the task at hand. Continue reading “Stay Focused To Get Rid Of Clutter!”

Crochet – What Is It? Where Did It Come From and When?

Crochet - What Is It? Where Did It Come From and When?

I know of a few, forms of crochet, the versatile most often used, called, in the west, Crochet, encompassing a variety of techniques utilising a hook and yarn and loop stitches; stitches with names like slip stitch, chain stitch, double crochet stitch, half treble and treble and a more.

Archaeological finds suggest that Arabia may be the first area where fiber was worked by a needle and, or a hook. Continue reading “Crochet – What Is It? Where Did It Come From and When?”

The Art of ‘CAREfronting’ Difficult Co-Workers

There comes a day in every business professional’s career when he feels the need to abandon the good manners his momma taught him and tell his difficult co-worker where to shove it.

For me, this was one of those days.

My colleague — let’s call him “Billy the Difficult One” — was operating the camera while I interviewed the organizers of an art gallery for a TV segment. Since I was new to production at the time, my manager requested that Billy also give me tips on filming along the way. Continue reading “The Art of ‘CAREfronting’ Difficult Co-Workers”

The Healing Power of Art + Play

The Healing Power of Art + Play

As a visual artist and transformative art facilitator who has lead over 400 group experiences, I have long witnessed the power of art to heal, empower, and transform. One of those moments stands out more than the rest.

A few years ago, I was hired by The Wellness Community of Philadelphia to design and lead a workshop for people with cancer. Because of my extensive training in the use of arts in healthcare settings, I wanted to make sure that everyone in the group would be able to engage fully (and comfortably) in all the activities planned for the half-day workshop. Continue reading “The Healing Power of Art + Play”

Top Tips on How to Organise an Inexpensive British Event

Top Tips on How to Organise an Inexpensive British Event

Organise a Planning group

It’s always fun to plan a party, so why not pour some tea with a collective of creative’s (by creative’s, I mean those close relations who may be design orientated, marketers, good cooks, florists, extroverts and/or performers etc.) to get some innovation on the go? Call up the innovative minds within your friends, family and local area and set some royal English party ideas alight over some cucumber sandwiches. Continue reading “Top Tips on How to Organise an Inexpensive British Event”