Photoshop Background Effects: An Inexpensive Way To Create Professional Looking Portraits Every Time

Photoshop has been around for several years now, and the tool of choice for many, if not all successful professional photographers. They may not use it directly, but almost certainly have someone in their team that has the ability to utilise the full features of this amazing piece of photo editing software to enhance their landscapes, portraits, action shots or whatever their particular niche is.

Creating Photoshop background effects can be confusing, with the vast array of tools, menus and sub menus to sort through. Continue reading “Photoshop Background Effects: An Inexpensive Way To Create Professional Looking Portraits Every Time”

The Amazing Author Jane Austen

The Amazing Author Jane Austen

Throughout time there have been many amazing authors that have grabbed the hearts of their readers and keep them coming back for more. They sit in wait on the hinges of a new story that will soon be coming out, and make sure they are on the list of recipients as soon as the print becomes publication. The genre and style of writings differ between authors making their work distinctive to who they are and unique in originality. Continue reading “The Amazing Author Jane Austen”

How To Write a Directors’ Treatment for a TV Commercial

How To Write a Treatment.

Probably the most critical step in pre-production is the writing of a treatment. A treatment is the director’s vision: a summary of the work that is going to be shot. A treatment is a sales tool. Agency people and clients are extremely busy and have very short attention spans. They don’t have the time to meet and discuss projects but they’re happy to browse through a 4 to 12 page treatment about the commercial you plan to shoot for them. This is their first glimpse at the material. Continue reading “How To Write a Directors’ Treatment for a TV Commercial”

The Opulent Grass Eater

(A.D. 2000)

The bones of Cambodia, it’s an old story, Pol Pot and his devastation: for the living to live among the dead… A few years back (A.D., 2000) my wife and I, we are traveling in Cambodia within sight of Pol Pot’s desolation of the ’70s, where He had over a million of his countrymen put to death our guide-Kim, middle aged, strong-shouldered, his eyes like wide-open sea windows, Very patient, as if endlessly enduring, a slight paleness to his face, weighty hair, We are in a fenced-in section of the once famous, “Killing Fields” the hole I am looking into, twenty-thousand bodies were Thrown into-, nearby is a glassed-in aquarium likened to a small mausoleum: it slides open, I take out one of its 9000-skulls, of Pol Pot’s Legacy; the whole area is really just a fenced in graveyard, with military police guarding it… Continue reading “The Opulent Grass Eater”