A Love For Vintage Anything

A Love For Vintage Anything

How many times have you thrown something away only to look back and say, “Why didn’t I keep that, it’s vintage now?” We must all be guilty of it. Unless you are a pack rat, not many of us have room to keep everything we ever had. Right? Well, where can you find some of those things that you now treasure and would like to own again? Many people go to the internet to locate long lost things that might be needed again for plays, special church functions, Halloween, 60’s parties, or any type of function that requires using fads that were popular before 1990. I’ve even seen people looking for 80’s fashions. And cars… my husband enjoys going to “cruise ins” which have become extremely popular for guys and girls where you sit around displaying your old car and talk to everyone who shows up, possibly even competing for a trophy. Yes, it’s popular to own old stuff.

Performing arts people are always searching donation and consignment shops looking for styles that will be appropriate for their performances. Old fashioned days at churches or special events try to find old clothes and a lot of times people end up renting something to use for these functions. Men like to dress in Gatsby-type clothes or gangster-style to feel suave. Women like old, expensive jewelry. It just looks like quality more so than today’s jewelry. What gems we can find when looking for old jewelry. Maybe a yard sale would yield some high quality jewelry.

Once you find your special vintage clothes or vintage clothing, it is exciting to get your friends opinion as to what year it could have been worn and possibly what it was used for. What about old hats??? Well, it is fun trying to determine what year or maybe easier, what decade they were worn. For that, a lot of people search the internet to get ideas of when or what years these things were used. It is fun to look at old things and think about who and why someone would have worn the clothing, jewelry or even who might have driven that car.

We are all experiencing vintage moments each day of our lives that might one day mean something to someone else. Maybe we should save some of the most dashing pieces for when we get to the point in our lives that it is vintage. Or, maybe we could just search the internet and find what we need without being a packrat. LOL.

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