Citroen C4 DVD Player With GPS Navigation and Digital HD Touchscreen

Comfortable and luxurious cars need accessories that match their performance. Citroen C4 is made readyfor the installation of the latest DVD Navigation System that includes a player, which adds to each many excellent features. With the DVD player, you can listen to music while driving along lonely roads and highways. Aside from breaking the deadly silence that prevails when you are driving alone for long hours on deserted or isolated roads, music also cheers you up and soothes your emotions as you drive to your final destinations. The Citroen C4 DVD player will be a good companion to people who always have to travel alone for long hours.

The DVD player comes with a 7-inch digital touch screen monitor. You might not be able to make use of this device while driving but every time you want to take a rest or relax along the way, you can watch your favorite movie to ease away the boredom. The screen has a high resolution, enabling it to display the clearest and sharpest pictures possible. The Citroen C4 DVD Navigation System has the following features:

    Can be installed without the need of crack or gapCan play music and radio at the same timeHas panel and wire harness that are original and a plug that is compatible with the deviceHas navigator receiver that is built inComes with 7″ LCD Digital TouchscreenHas CAN-BUS box for steering wheel controlFunctions with dual zonesComes with built-in blue toothHas AM FM RadioIs equipped with anti-shockHas Ebook, SD and USB supportHas iPod Function

Because the Citroen C4 is made ready for the installation of the DVD Navigator System, there is no need to make a crack or to rewire to put it in place. The Citroen C4 GPS Navigator is operated using Windows CE 6.0. It has a multimedia which you can use for playing music, videos and movies. The GPS Navigator provides you with excellent signal anywhere you are so you can listen to any radio station and have clear and uninterrupted signal when you use your cellular phone. The steering wheel control allows you to operate devices while driving your car without removing your hands from the steering wheel. This makes driving safe for you and accidents caused by distractions are avoided. The cellular phones and other devices can be operated using voice commands as well.

The GPS navigator also makes traveling to new places easy. It can give you directions using maps. You can enter an address and you will have the street map of the place, with the address you are looking for highlighted. You can also get voice prompts if you want to.

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