Did You Ever Wonder How They Get Those Strings of Lights Inside a Recycled Glass Bottle?

Did You Ever Wonder How They Get Those Strings of Lights Inside a Recycled Glass Bottle?

If you have been to a local art or crafts fair in the past several years, then you have probably seen at least one recycled and decorated wine bottle with strings of lights inside. Bottles filled with lights look pretty and go with just about any decor.

But how do they get the lights inside the glass bottles without breaking them? I am here to explain the process of drilling a hole into a glass bottle to you.

First of all, you need to find an empty glass bottle. Any recycled bottle will work, it doesn’t matter what size, color or shape the glass bottle is. If you love the look of a particular wine or liquor bottle, then that is the one you should use. You should also have at least one spare bottle to practice on.

Once you have your bottles picked out, you need to get diamond tipped drill bits. These specialty drill bits are available at your local hardware store and online. You can use a handheld drill to make the hole for the bottle. You should consider getting drill bits in several sizes.

Next we will be drilling a hole in the back of your recycled glass bottle. Make sure to practice on an older bottle first to get accustomed to the drill speed and how much pressure to use. Find a level, secure surface to lay your bottle on and be sure to wear eye protection and gloves. Mark a spot on the back of the bottle and take your smallest drill bit. With a rubber mallet strike the drill bit against the bottle to create a small starting hole in the glass.

Now you can begin to drill into your bottle with a handheld drill. Be sure to drill slowly and steadily, applying medium pressure. If you go too fast or push too hard the bottle is likely to burst. Work your way through the different sized drill bits until the hole is large enough to feed the light string through. Be aware that there will be some glass dust, so if you’re allergic or don’t want to breath the dust, be sure to wear a protective face mask.

After the hole is drilled, clean your bottle carefully with warm, soapy water. If your newly drilled bottle has a nice label, simply wipe the outside of the bottle with a wet cloth and use a funnel to pour in your soap water.

Let the bottle dry out completely before inserting the light string though the hole in the back of the bottle. Attach wine leaf and grapes or any other decorative items to the bottle neck Let your imagination run wild!

Turning glass bottles into lighted bottles for decorations and a source of light around your home is a great way to upcycle.

If you love being green and doing other Do It Yourself projects as much as we do, then we can show you some other fun ideas.

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