Different Ways to Learn Magic Tricks

Different Ways to Learn Magic Tricks

Magic is a treat for the eyes and a wonder for the mind. People of all ages learn magic tricks and use these to impress others. Whether they perform these tricks for hobby or profit, they have fun. Anyone can learn how to do magic and there are hundreds of different tricks to master, making the learning process both interesting and exciting. Regardless of their learning style, would-be magicians can find a tutorial that helps them master the art.

Magic Books

Books are the traditional way to learn magic and continue to be popular resources. These cover principles, techniques, and application and provide inspiration for anyone wishing to be a magician. There are books on hypnosis, mentalism, close-up, street, and stage magic and much more. Close-up magic is particularly popular with newcomers. Books reveal the secrets behind the best performances, teaching readers how to entertain, surprise, and even amaze onlookers with slights of the hand.

Those who favor the occult will be drawn to books explaining how to use tarot cards, Voodoo dolls, and Santeria. The goriest tricks are not for the faint of heart, as many involve chemicals, knives, lighters, and other harmful objects. Only experienced adults should read books illustrating these effects and they should take precautions when using the items involved.

Magic DVDs

DVDs are designed for people who learn best by seeing the tricks in action. Instructional DVDs are available from the best magicians in the world including David Blaine, Criss Angel, and Paul Harris. These walk viewers through each step involved in a variety of magic tricks. With some practice, anyone can perform the tricks these magicians use to impress huge crowds.

Card tricks are used to delight others and DVDs that reveal the secrets behind them turn an average person into the next David Solomon. Everyone from a beginner to an advanced level card artist can learn something from these DVDs. In addition to learning card tricks, viewers will understand the problem solving and creating thinking behind them. This is a great way to sharpen the mind while having fun.

Magic Kits

Magic kits provide everything needed to amaze a crowd. These are especially popular with children who want to become amateur magicians. Kids can learn easy magic tricks while developing their skills and increasing their confidence. Adults have their own selection of kits that include instructional booklets and all the supplies needed to perform time-tested tricks that are still popular with audiences.

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