Essential Artist Supplies for Beginners

Art is a great form of self-expression. It provides people with an outlet to express themselves through images and projects. Many people consider artwork to be an extension of the human soul. Any beginner artist needs a few essential artists supplies that will help them build their confidence and allow their creativity to run free. These essential artist supplies are discussed below:


There are a number of different types of erasers out there; not just the ones attached to the back of a pencil. Artists should use a special pink eraser as they are very effective in gently removing light pencil marks from the artwork. Kneaded rubbers can also be used as they are helpful in erasing small, tight areas. Kneaded rubbers can be molded just like clay but do not leave any bits and pieces.

Illustration Board, Canvas and Paper

There are various surfaces used in producing artwork; it all depends on the art equipment you use (pen, pencil, paint or marker). Beginner artists should simply stick to the traditional A4 copy machine paper. A4 copy machine paper is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased from any art or office supply store.

Triangle, Ruler and T-Square

The triangle allows artists to make perfect right angles. They can also be used to create straight lines. Rulers are very effective in making accurate straight lines. They also help provide accurate measurement of objects and images on the artwork. Rulers usually come in standard sizes; however, they can be custom made upon request.

A T-Square is a sort of ruler that runs across the edge of the drawing board allowing the artist to create consistent parallel lines.

Pastel, Pens and Pencils

There are a number of different art mediums available for artists to implement. Depending on the type of artwork they wish to achieve, artists can use pastels, pens, paint and pencils (to name a few). Beginner artists are recommended to use 2B pencils as they are very light. Light pencils come in very handy when drawing rough sketches since they can be erased easily without damaging the paper or canvas.

Cutting Knife

This knife is used to cut out tiny areas on a canvas or paper. This knife is generally sharp so caution is advised when using the knife. Do not try and cut shapes with the knife; it should only be used to make straight cuts.

Pencil Sharpener

Keeping sharp pencils is essential when drawing. Blunt or dull pencils will not only damage the paper but ruin the quality of the sketch. Ideally, an electronic sharpener should be used for seamless shaving. An old fashioned crank-handled sharpener works just as well though.

Light Box

A light box is an essential tool for any sketch artist. Light boxes allow the artists to see through approximately 2 or 3 sheets of paper at any one time. This enables artists to make rough sketches of an object onto a fresh, new sheet of paper.

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