How Themed Environments Can Affect Your Mood

The eyes play a very important role in determining your mood. This is very true for eyes are the ones that send like or dislike signals to the brain when you see something new. Certainly if you see something and perceive it to be scary your mood is guaranteed to change immediately and adrenaline secretion will start causing you to panic or even flee. If it’s the other way round and you like what you see your mood changes and adrenaline is released as well thus causing you to become jump and so excited. Scenic artists understand this concept very well and they exploit it through themed environments.

Scenic artists are responsible for determining the color (texture and mixture), paintings, sculptures and artistic ornaments that blend to create a specific theme in public or private settings. Scenic art is used in places like restaurants, amusement parks, gardens and casinos. All of these environments require different kinds of themes. So we are going to look at what kind of themes can be implemented in these environments as well as look at their effects on a person’s mood.

Scenic Art in Restaurants

A scenic art contractor understands that a restaurant is a place where people come to relax while enjoying a meal. A restaurant can have colorful paintings showing lovely gardens with diversity of life and also have attractive wood sculptures. Such pieces of art make the brain appreciate that there is peace. This then has the effect of relaxing the brain thus allowing one to eat in comfort.

Scenic Art in Amusement Parks

Scenic art themes at amusement parks can either be aimed at young children or at adults. If intended for children lovable things like wood carvings of Santa Claus and popular cartoons can really excite kids. If it is for adults sculptures of wild animals may be introduced into a theme so as to represent an element of danger. Themes for children can help the little ones develop a loving spirit. Themes for adults may implement the element of surprise since adults can’t be intrigued by things that are too obvious. Whichever way the brain becomes anxious to see more thus making it interesting to visit amusement parks for both the young and old.

Scenic Art in Gardens

Sculptures or statues of realistic looking wild animals can be placed in gardens. This allows one to the see the garden as a place that has life. The combination of sculptures and plants makes a garden look so peaceful thus having a strong calming effect on the body.

Scenic Art at Casinos

Sculptures of strong wild animals like lions, tigers and eagles can be used in casino themes. These sculptures can promote gamblers to feel strong thus giving them more confidence in their betting. Confidence can increase the chances of winning at a casino.

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