Taking Care of Your Canvas Prints

Taking Care of Your Canvas Prints

Memories with loved ones should be kept for a lifetime. As much as most people want to store such pleasant images and keep these in the recesses of their hearts, this just cannot be considering the limited faculties we humans have. If it can be possible, then perhaps only a portion of those birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and Christmas parties will only be remembered. Continue reading “Taking Care of Your Canvas Prints”

The History and Growth of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

The History and Growth of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Every year, hundreds of motorcyclists will head to Sturgis, South Dakota for the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. This rally has grown tremendously since its inception some 70 years ago, and continues to draw crowds from all over the United States.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally actually began thanks to an ambitious motorcycle club called the Jackpine Gypsies. Continue reading “The History and Growth of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally”

We Now Have Veterans of a New Greatest Generation

We now have a new generation of veterans. I’m calling these new vets, The New Greatest Generation. They have been at war longer than in any of our wars. We cannot tolerate as a country the venom and hate that was directed toward our Vietnam Veterans. That was a horrible stain on our country. I gave three special events last year during Veterans Day week where I spoke about my involvement in WWII as a 5 year old tap dancer with a Big Band, Kay Kyser. We entertained at the VA Hospitals in Southern California.

I saw men on those wards that perhaps a small child of 5 should never have seen. Continue reading “We Now Have Veterans of a New Greatest Generation”

Take Back Control Over Your Windows Computer

Take back control over your windows computer!

Part 1: un-install programs, update Windows, defragment hard drives

This is the first of many more articles to come. I will show you step by step how you can take back control over your windows computer. Just follow my instructions and soon you will be using your computer to work or play again instead of spending hours trying to just keep it running. Best of all, I won’t try to sell you anything. I will show you ways to do many things on your computer for free. Continue reading “Take Back Control Over Your Windows Computer”

What To Do If You Experience Hearing Loss

What To Do If You Experience Hearing Loss

Did you suddenly experience hearing loss in one ear? Are you seeking answers and suggestions for treatment? Losing your hearing can be a scary occurrence, even with all of the information on the internet, there are very few places offering suggestions and advice on what you need to do immediately. Here are some tips on what to do.

Begin by trying to determine the cause. Continue reading “What To Do If You Experience Hearing Loss”

The Meatpacker’s Boy and These Poems Will Perish

The Meatpacker’s Boy

(or, ‘The Impudent Student ‘)

((June, 1957) (Ecole St. Louis, School, and Part Four: “The Winter School”))

His brain had refused to grapple with the theme of learning and desisted: he had covered his papers with little animals and like figures, names of certain people in the classroom, like Linda M., and Mike R. Now it appeared as if he would fail again-he told himself in confidence.

During the course of the school year, all the studies and elements which the nuns deemed common and significant for learning fell out of his head-one by one; and out of the overall purpose of school itself. Continue reading “The Meatpacker’s Boy and These Poems Will Perish”

The Best Way To Sell Art

Making investments in art can help you generate income for your future, and at the same time beautify your home. Even if you chose to hang the work on the wall, it will hopefully appreciate with time. The longer you study this field, the more experienced you will become.

New artists are advised to start by doing some research. It is good to start by visiting museums to get acquainted with experienced painters. Marketing brochures and galleries can also be very informative.

A capital investment of around 9 thousand pounds or slightly higher can be enough to start this business. Continue reading “The Best Way To Sell Art”

Business Areas Where Art Is A Common Feature

The word art encompasses many different forms of expression. It is an activity carried out by talented individuals either for leisure or for the purpose of investments. It refers to film, photography, painting and other visual media but on a broader base, it involves music, dance, interactive media and literature.

Many artists today have their work in print. Activities such as painting and drawing have created a forum for investment. Having its beginings many centuries ago, it has braved the storms of time to become what it is today.

Almost everything on the surface of the earth involves art to some extent. Continue reading “Business Areas Where Art Is A Common Feature”

A Father’s Heart

I recently had heart-to-heart conversations with three teenage clients about their fathers. I found it interesting that, though they don’t know each other or come from the same part of the country, they shared a common theme: they struggle with the hurt of not feeling loved by their fathers. I have also communicated with some of their fathers and learned they struggle with wanting to connect to their daughters but don’t know how. Human beings are the one species on this planet that die without this significant need: emotional connection.

In my years of counseling the men who were brave enough to enter my office and engage with me, I have come to a deeper understanding and appreciation for a man’s heart, especially when he is a father. Continue reading “A Father’s Heart”