Portable Restrooms – Not As Bad As They Seem

It’s happened to everyone. At one point or another in your life, you’ve felt the urge and had to take care of it right where you were. Most people feel the burn at public events like circuses or country fairs. Construction workers, especially, face this problem quite often. Everyone knows that when nature calls, you simply have to answer. Unfortunately, there isn’t always a four-star bathroom available when you need it. You might be in the middle of nowhere on a construction site or looking at broncos at the country fair. And that’s when nature comes knocking. With no other alternative, you are forced to visit the portable restroom.

There is a common misconception that the Porta-Johns are unsanitary and gross. This is actually not true. They’re usually very sanitary and clean and there are professional companies that come out and attend to the waste so that you can have a pleasurable experience. The movies often portray the poor individual who just wanted to go to the bathroom and end up the victim of a cruel practical joke. The joke usually centers on the Porta-John being overturned and the hapless victim emerging covered in waste and gunk. This hardly ever happens in real life, except in tragic accidents.

Besides being remarkably convenient and sanitary, portable restrooms come in different versions. The newer models have experienced some upgrades and are more luxurious. You can find hand sanitizer dispensers in some models and most now come fully equipped with toilet paper, a luxury most people enjoy having at their disposal following their bathroom rituals. It is becoming more and more common for the Porta-John to be paired with a portable hand washing station so that the user can fully cleanse their hands after they have visited the bathroom. Soap and towels may be found at these stations, along with a foot pump to dispense water so that you can give your hands a thorough cleaning after you’ve used the Porta-John.

Sometimes, portable restrooms have other uses besides just a place to relive yourself. Some companies use them as a way to advertise. Much like you would put pictures and posters on buses and billboards, companies might wrap the exterior of a Porta-John with the advertisements. These advertisements will be designed to catch the attention of the people answering nature’s call. They’re usually flashy and full of fun graphics to stand out and be noticed.

There are also plenty of benefits to the portable restroom. Since their companies rent them out to customers, they are guaranteed to be clean and sanitary. Ultimately, this means they are disinfected and deodorized on a regular basis. Also, the tank on the contraption can hold waste for ten people a week, on average. This means that it will be more than sufficient for your country fair or construction job. And, since it is portable and isn’t an actual restroom, it doesn’t clog. So put your plunger away!

It doesn’t matter what the reason is. When nature calls and you aren’t near your home bathroom, you need a portable restroom. And you can rest easy knowing that whatever Porta-John you choose, it will be clean and sanitary.

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