Social Media Command Centers: What Are They and How Can They Help Your Business?

The new term buzzing around the business world is “social media command center.” Tech stuff changes so rapidly, it’s hard to even keep up with. But, fortunately, we’re here to help you keep on top of the latest trends in the industry.

So, What is a Social Media Command Center?

Larger businesses, institutions, and universities have stumbled onto the idea of creating these. One specific example was used for the most recent Super Bowl in 2012, held in Indianapolis. A team of 20 professionals staffed a 2,800 square-foot space in downtown Indianapolis for 15 hours per day for the two weeks leading up to, and including, the event. Managers, content developers, analysts, strategists, and a few volunteers made up the team.

The team monitored the major social media to make sure they extended a friendly hand to everyone arriving in the area. It also monitored various social media conversations in the interest of public safety, and combined with other command centers, so that if an emergency arose, the response would be widespread and instantaneous. The third objective was to create regular content and keep people engaged in the event. Finally, the team was to make the positive experience fans had even more intense than usual.

That’s how it worked in a nutshell for the Super Bowl. But, the question you are probably really interested in is…

What Can Social Media Command Centers Do to Help Your Business?

Say your company launches a new advertising campaign . Let’s say you want new content developed for that campaign as it evolves. The team manning your social media command center could get that new content out to all of your followers, and additional distribution channels, within the same day.

When you need to perform customer service for your products and services, instead of having people call, wait, or perhaps attempt to navigate their way through the maze of phones at your company, they could send a direct message to your social media account. With multiple people managing the account, it would be possible to respond to customer inquiries in a much more efficient manner.

You can also use them to listen to your customers. Ask a question about your product or services (make sure it’s yes/no), and see what people say. Hold a contest, which can reveal different ways people are using your product. The point is that you receive a free method for conducting market research!

Would a Social Media Command Center be Right for Your Business?

Now that you know of the advantages of social media command center, how do you think they would add value to your company’s bottom line?

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