Some Weekend Stag Party Ideas

Some Weekend Stag Party Ideas

A stag or a bachelor party is the celebration of the last night of freedom for the groom-to-be. This party is intended for the bachelor’s friends to have some quality time with their friend, who would soon be married. The friends are mainly responsible for arranging the party and making it more fun and hip. They spend the whole night partying; now mostly the day is also incorporated in spending fun time with the groom-to-be. The party organizer, which more often than not is the best man, can hire professional stag party organizers to help him with the whole deal.

Normally, the activities planned for the stag party are not disclosed to the groom. These activities can include harassing the groom, as in the hazing activities. This is to emphasize the fact that the bachelor is now going to leave the more irresponsible phase of life and enter a more mature one. The party can be arranged and organized by the groom’s male relatives or friends.

Stag parties are a great way to express love and affection towards the groom-to-be by his male friends. Any upcoming parties of this sort should be started planning for way ahead of time to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Organizing a stag party would require you to be very dedicated while planning events and activities. It will also require some teamwork on behalf of the friends of the groom. A few Stag night ideas are listed below:

    Games are a great way to enjoy yourselves with your friends. You can plan outdoor or indoor games. You can play games that involve daring each other to do interesting tasks, Scavenger hunts are another great way of spending some quality time with friends.
    After you have gotten tired from the all day’s fun you can have a prank night where it would be better to avoid any obvious pranks like stripping and handcuffing the groom-to-be. The prank can be based on events from school or college life or some other funny incidents that happened in the past.
    Having stag night themes is one great way to heighten the excitement. The themes can range from dressing up as Greek gods to police cops or convicts. If you are celebrating this night at a bar then first confirm if the management is okay with the choice of your theme.
    Spending a week away at some other place with your friends can be much more fun than spending it back at home. All you got to do is pick your favorite place and look for the best deal. Some nice places to go to could be London, Newcastle, Bristol, Edinburgh, Brighton, New quay.
    Other than the usual stag party activities such as clubbing, drinking and stripping you can choose from Paint balling, go karting, wall climbing, going to an amusement park or for motor sporting. Another popular activity is 5-a-side football, if you are interested in this then 5-a-side is highly recommended. Five-a-side football is basically a varied version of Association football, where both the teams have 5 members rather than the normal number of 11 players. The number of players is not the only thing that is reduced, the size of the field, the size of the goal and the time duration is also decreased. It can be played both out or indoors. The rules are generally the same as that for the 11 player game. But no metal studded boots are allowed and shin protection is mandatory.

Finding the Best Package

After you have decided what place you would be visiting, it is then time to research and contact various organizers and party professionals to finding out which package has all that your heart desires and which would prove to be your friends’ favorite deal.

While considering the packages, keep in mind the services they are offering that would help everyone to unwind and relax, with good accommodation, with interesting nearby locations and other fun filed activities. It might get difficult to find the right package that has everything that you want. If this is the case then you can go for a personalized package. A personalized package could prove to be an ideal weekend that you could spend with your friends, especially on their stag party.

A few examples of what a personalized package may consist of are as follows; it could include a one night stay at a four star hotel with the day being spent paint balling and the night at a recommended bar with lap dancing and drinking. Or it could be a two night at a two star hotel, offering motor sports, night clubbing, paint balling and lap dancing. Activities can also include grand lunches or dinners at the hotel.

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