Stay Focused To Get Rid Of Clutter!

Stay Focused To Get Rid Of Clutter!

Focus is extremely important to being successful in many areas of our lives. Unfortunately it is something that is getting hard to deal with as time goes on. How many of us find more and more distractions as time goes on? What you may not realize is that staying focused is also important to getting rid of clutter and working towards the goal of living a decluttered life.

When we want to get a report finished at work, a paper written for school, or an email typed up to a friend we generally make sure we do that one thing – so that we do it well and to ensure we finish the task at hand. Decluttering is no less important! The last thing you want to do is start in on your clutter, lose focus, and realize two hours later that you’ve been going through old magazines reading articles from years ago!

A good way to deal with staying focused is to remind yourself before you even begin that you need to stick to the job at hand. In your mind, go through the area you are going to declutter and step through the process. Remind yourself that this is what you want to get done and that everything else can wait for a little bit while you make your life better by cutting down your clutter. If you are going to work on decluttering, then work on decluttering and nothing else. Don’t get sidetracked by talking on the phone or reading a book. If you know you are going to have interruptions, do your best to carve out a smaller period of time where you can safely ignore those distractions and deal with them afterward. Even if this is only 10 or 15 minutes at a time you will be much more productive and less prone to winding up where you started!

What this doesn’t mean is that you can’t look at those magazines we mentioned earlier. If you really want to look at them, or flip through those old photos, or maybe go through your old collection you just uncovered, then set them aside and do that after you have accomplished your main goal of decluttering your area. Not only will you get to enjoy those items that you have set aside, but you will get to do so knowing that you accomplished what you set out to do – decluttering success!

Do you have any tips, suggestions, or great ideas for staying motivated and focused? Share your ideas and help a fellow declutterer!

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