Sun Over Babenhausen

(Cody’s Sun–1975)

We had been at the park in Babenhausen, West Germany, where we lived nearby, Cody was on the swings, as was his twin brother Shawn, and I was swinging them both, pushing the swings forward, as they few higher and higher.

There was a big bright ball in the sky Cody kept looking at it-he was four-years old, Shawn paid little attention to it. On the face of Cody, he was surely saying, “What does it mean?” So his expression told me. He put his face upward as the swing went higher, to see if it moved. It was as if two faces were looking at one another; by George, it came right out of the clouds. Right from the middle of the clouds; in time, as he got older he’d draw a picture of it with his box of crayons, but not yet, not today, today was a day for its discovery.

“It’s the sun,” I told him. It was a mysterious thing for sure, with its flaming yellow.

As he got down from the swings, surely his thoughts were: was it going to follow him? So his expressions inferred as he turned towards me, not having the words per se, but the look, just that look told me he needed more information on the subject. And as we walked home-towards the Old Babenhausen Tower, built in 1717, he was confirmed it was following him, now the question was: when would it stop following him, or us? Awe yes, such pondering thoughts, for a little mind.

As we neared our apartment door, he had come to the conclusion, it was big, real big this thing called the sun, that he accidentally discovered from the swings. It even had a name, like he had, not the same name, but a name nonetheless. Wherever he stood, walked, there it was overhead.

It made him think how very small his head was in comparison, he even looked a bit wearily and wonderingly at it, at me.

“It’s not following us, Cody,” I said, “we’re moving and soon it will disappear, and reappear tomorrow. It keeps us warm down here on earth, nothing to fear, it won’t fall on top of us.”

He shivered and yawned, it was a long day, and he was tired. He felt the warm glow of the sun as we opened the outside door to our apartment. He yawned again, and headed up the staircase right on to his bedroom with his brother behind him: the bedroom darkly lit; soon all would be dark in sleeping.

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