Why You Need to Claim Your Google Business Listing

Google has an online business directory. It’s called Google Places. It’s a list of businesses much like the yellow pages in a phone book. Your business may be listed in this directory even if you have not added it. In that case it would contain only basic information. You can make it better by correcting the information and adding more to it. You can add pictures and video to your listing.

The name Google Places is being changed to Google+ Local Pages. This change integrates Google’s social network, Google Plus, with the business listings which are called Google Places. Continue reading “Why You Need to Claim Your Google Business Listing”

Deciphering Superstitious Numbers in China – Lucky and Unlucky Numbers

In Chinese culture, people usually attach great importance to numbers especially for business related usage. Some auspicious numbers are considered as having supernatural power to bring good luck to the business and the owner; on the contrary, inauspicious ones might destroy the business or cause great disaster with ease. For foreigners who are trying to establish cooperation with local Chinese, enough attention should be paid to check whether the numbers are auspicious or not.

Lucky Numbers

Most Chinese people are willing to pay a large sum for certain lucky numbers as phone number, street address, driver’s license, etc.

The number 2 is viewed as a lucky number because since ancient times the Chinese used to believe that good things usually come in pairs. Continue reading “Deciphering Superstitious Numbers in China – Lucky and Unlucky Numbers”

The Best Way To Sell Art

Making investments in art can help you generate income for your future, and at the same time beautify your home. Even if you chose to hang the work on the wall, it will hopefully appreciate with time. The longer you study this field, the more experienced you will become.

New artists are advised to start by doing some research. It is good to start by visiting museums to get acquainted with experienced painters. Marketing brochures and galleries can also be very informative.

A capital investment of around 9 thousand pounds or slightly higher can be enough to start this business. Continue reading “The Best Way To Sell Art”