Wesley Flint’s Dim-Witted Daughter

An outlander, a heavy booted carnival merchant married Wesley Flint’s only daughter, only child: dim-witted Sally Flint of almost twenty-years; lived on a small farm outside the city limits of St. Paul, Minnesota, like hermits.

Even after twenty-years of marriage old man, Wesley Flint watched over his daughter, against the wilds, and potential harm, Rambling Ramsey (his son-in-law)might inflict upon her-might do, not that he had ever harmed her, but it was in his head, he might. He was the one who gave Ramsey the four-acres of land, and even built a farm house on it for them, so they’d be close by.

According to the nearby township of Stillwater, according to the resident’s accounts, old Flint hardly went anywhere, in his later years, he simply just raised chickens and pigeons, sold them at the Farmers’ Market, in the downtown area of the City of St. Continue reading “Wesley Flint’s Dim-Witted Daughter”