The Opulent Grass Eater

(A.D. 2000)

The bones of Cambodia, it’s an old story, Pol Pot and his devastation: for the living to live among the dead… A few years back (A.D., 2000) my wife and I, we are traveling in Cambodia within sight of Pol Pot’s desolation of the ’70s, where He had over a million of his countrymen put to death our guide-Kim, middle aged, strong-shouldered, his eyes like wide-open sea windows, Very patient, as if endlessly enduring, a slight paleness to his face, weighty hair, We are in a fenced-in section of the once famous, “Killing Fields” the hole I am looking into, twenty-thousand bodies were Thrown into-, nearby is a glassed-in aquarium likened to a small mausoleum: it slides open, I take out one of its 9000-skulls, of Pol Pot’s Legacy; the whole area is really just a fenced in graveyard, with military police guarding it… Continue reading “The Opulent Grass Eater”