How and Why to Buy Art, Even If You Are Super Rich!

If you are one of the privileged few, who having been fortunate, now own at least two homes (one of them will be a large villa, or mansion), you have possibly paid a top architect and an interior designer, to create your palace, and your gardens are managed by specialist landscape gardeners and everything is beautiful – the rest of us can just dream on!

But how do you then go about adding your own personal statement to your magnificent home? This is when works of art are considered, but even here you can call on the experts too and pay an art consultant, or specialist to guide you. Continue reading “How and Why to Buy Art, Even If You Are Super Rich!”

The Best Way To Sell Art

Making investments in art can help you generate income for your future, and at the same time beautify your home. Even if you chose to hang the work on the wall, it will hopefully appreciate with time. The longer you study this field, the more experienced you will become.

New artists are advised to start by doing some research. It is good to start by visiting museums to get acquainted with experienced painters. Marketing brochures and galleries can also be very informative.

A capital investment of around 9 thousand pounds or slightly higher can be enough to start this business. Continue reading “The Best Way To Sell Art”