Sun Over Babenhausen

(Cody’s Sun–1975)

We had been at the park in Babenhausen, West Germany, where we lived nearby, Cody was on the swings, as was his twin brother Shawn, and I was swinging them both, pushing the swings forward, as they few higher and higher.

There was a big bright ball in the sky Cody kept looking at it-he was four-years old, Shawn paid little attention to it. On the face of Cody, he was surely saying, “What does it mean?” So his expression told me. He put his face upward as the swing went higher, to see if it moved. Continue reading “Sun Over Babenhausen”

A Love For Vintage Anything

A Love For Vintage Anything

How many times have you thrown something away only to look back and say, “Why didn’t I keep that, it’s vintage now?” We must all be guilty of it. Unless you are a pack rat, not many of us have room to keep everything we ever had. Right? Well, where can you find some of those things that you now treasure and would like to own again? Many people go to the internet to locate long lost things that might be needed again for plays, special church functions, Halloween, 60’s parties, or any type of function that requires using fads that were popular before 1990. Continue reading “A Love For Vintage Anything”

Interview With Vivi Devereaux

It has taken a fair amount of time and phone calls in order to have the chance to do an interview with Vivi who happens to be an extremely difficult man to get hold of (understandable) but I believe it was well worth the effort. Arriving early at a cafe in downtown LA I sat to wait for him to arrive, admittedly nervous, twirling my pen between my fingers and playing with my iPad and voice recorder hoping I wouldn’t screw anything up! But first a little background.

Vivi Devereaux is a South African born actor who made a move from modelling to theatre and film after being inspired and realising that this was the career he was meant to be in. Continue reading “Interview With Vivi Devereaux”