How Themed Environments Can Affect Your Mood

The eyes play a very important role in determining your mood. This is very true for eyes are the ones that send like or dislike signals to the brain when you see something new. Certainly if you see something and perceive it to be scary your mood is guaranteed to change immediately and adrenaline secretion will start causing you to panic or even flee. If it’s the other way round and you like what you see your mood changes and adrenaline is released as well thus causing you to become jump and so excited. Continue reading “How Themed Environments Can Affect Your Mood”

Western Art Has Never Looked So Good

Western art is any art form North and South America, Europe, and Oceania. They revolve round a central theme of being humanistic and naturalistic. Their artwork exhibits the human figure and how it acts in its pure environment. Western art has its unique characteristics in comparison with different art varieties from other places. Each artwork style has a definite fashion that gets them categorized into Classical, Byzantine and Medieval. Renaissance, Baroque, Fashionable and Post-trendy ages are also included here. Continue reading “Western Art Has Never Looked So Good”