Stay Focused To Get Rid Of Clutter!

Stay Focused To Get Rid Of Clutter!

Focus is extremely important to being successful in many areas of our lives. Unfortunately it is something that is getting hard to deal with as time goes on. How many of us find more and more distractions as time goes on? What you may not realize is that staying focused is also important to getting rid of clutter and working towards the goal of living a decluttered life.

When we want to get a report finished at work, a paper written for school, or an email typed up to a friend we generally make sure we do that one thing – so that we do it well and to ensure we finish the task at hand. Continue reading “Stay Focused To Get Rid Of Clutter!”

The Meatpacker’s Boy and These Poems Will Perish

The Meatpacker’s Boy

(or, ‘The Impudent Student ‘)

((June, 1957) (Ecole St. Louis, School, and Part Four: “The Winter School”))

His brain had refused to grapple with the theme of learning and desisted: he had covered his papers with little animals and like figures, names of certain people in the classroom, like Linda M., and Mike R. Now it appeared as if he would fail again-he told himself in confidence.

During the course of the school year, all the studies and elements which the nuns deemed common and significant for learning fell out of his head-one by one; and out of the overall purpose of school itself. Continue reading “The Meatpacker’s Boy and These Poems Will Perish”