Taking Care of Your Canvas Prints

Taking Care of Your Canvas Prints

Memories with loved ones should be kept for a lifetime. As much as most people want to store such pleasant images and keep these in the recesses of their hearts, this just cannot be considering the limited faculties we humans have. If it can be possible, then perhaps only a portion of those birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and Christmas parties will only be remembered. Good to know that photos are there to help us recall the details of the past in full colour.

Aside from displaying portraits of the valuable people and events in your life through albums and frames, you can opt to print those special memories on awning cloths. The is called canvas art. Isn’t this a trendy way to keep and display pictures in your homes? Indeed, the medium is great, but take note that these materials require care and maintenance from you. Here are some tips.

1. Avoid placing them in hot places
As much as you want to position those masterpieces in the conspicuous points inside your house for viewing, this is not recommended. Look for a spot that is far from sources of heat, such as open fire, radiator, and sunlight. This advice should be followed since heat in itself has a great effect on colours, and this might cause the prints to fade away in a short time.

2. Do not position these frames in places with high levels of moisture
Examples of these spots are above the bath and sink, as well as near the spot where your kettle boils. Like heat, humidity can contribute to fading.

3. Dust them regularly
Do not forget to take care of those canvas prints. Attend to them daily by removing accumulated dirt through using soft brushes, light feather dusters, or cleaning cloths. Remember to do the dusting gently so as not to damage the image.

4. Refrain from touching the surface
Getting in contact with the skin of the awning fabric can damage the printed portraits. There is a tendency that oil from your hands might stick to them, thus resulting to marking and staining.

5. Protect them using a bubble-wrap during transfers
Cloth frames, they are very vulnerable to scratching or falling. To secure them during transfers, make sure to protect them with a resistant covering, particularly their edges and corners to avoid chips.

Caring for such items can surely be tedious, especially when done on a daily basis. But its reward is priceless since you get to stare at those picture-perfect memories and reminisce how wonderful they had been.

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