The Amazing Author Jane Austen

The Amazing Author Jane Austen

Throughout time there have been many amazing authors that have grabbed the hearts of their readers and keep them coming back for more. They sit in wait on the hinges of a new story that will soon be coming out, and make sure they are on the list of recipients as soon as the print becomes publication. The genre and style of writings differ between authors making their work distinctive to who they are and unique in originality. Through the decades there have been many romance novelists – writers who play on the strings of the romantically hopeless and capture and maintain their audiences through romance and love and none other is Jane Austen, the infamous romance novelist whose writings have captured the hearts of women, and even some men everywhere.

Jane Austen, born December 16, 1775 and became a professional and successful English novelist. Well known for many books that are still read cover to cover and prescribed for academic readings, she has forever solidified her place in history as a novelist. And although she grew up receiving minimal education that was mainly given by her father, and her older brothers, and of course, her own readings, she was a literary genius. Ms. Austen’s biggest success came between the years of 1811-1817, where she managed to have published five novels that claimed her fame – Sense and Sensibility (1811), Pride and Prejudice (1813), Mansfield Park (1814) and Emma (1816). Her additional two well-known and popular novels Northanger Abbey and Persuasion both published after she died in 1818. She also began a third novel, Sanditon, but died prior to completing that novel.

Jane was from a close-knit family and remained at home through her adulthood. And while she never did marry, she was the recipient of at least one known proposal to a well off man that she had known since childhood. The ill mannered but Oxford educated Harris Bigg-Wither proposed to Austen. Harris was not a physically attractive man – he was of large proportions and a very plain man. However, Jane Austen rationalized that the marriage would be a practical way of providing for her family in their older age. However, shortly after the proposal acceptance, she withdrew her agreement to marry him, and never did marry. Sadly, her fiction novels never became reality in her own life.

Sadly Jane became ill in 1816 at the young age of 41 and although the symptoms were deteriorating, she ignored them at first and continued working but it was not long before he condition could not be ignored. As her health continued to decline, it was a long decline that resulted in her death on July 18, 1871.

Jane Austen did not live a long, healthy life, and never did experience the romance and passion that she fervently wrote about over her lifetime, however, her novels have captured and maintained audiences over time and forever lives in the hearts of many today.

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