The Process Of Handcrafted Jewelry Design, From The Artist’s Perspective

The Process Of Handcrafted Jewelry Design, From The Artist's Perspective

As a jewelry artist, I appreciate the countless variations of stones available to incorporate into a unique handcrafted necklace, bracelet or earrings. Regardless of the critiques or comments shared by my audience, the joy and superb excitement of creating something from a pile of stones and wire, is stimulating. As much as I would love others to appreciate and purchase my creations, the real motivation is in the satisfaction it gives me. If my endeavors, whatever they may be, become laborious and tedious, it ceases to provide an outlet and interferes with the pleasure of taking what is in my mind and translating it into a physical manifestation of my thoughts. Expressing myself in this way keeps me grounded and well balanced. Even though the stones themselves are created naturally, I try to bring them to a new form of admiration for everyone to enjoy.

Crystals and gemstones are part of the natural world and do not require outward stimulation to appreciate their benefit, they have long been wondrous and highly prized. By wearing and/or admiring them, it keeps us connected. By manipulating what nature gives us we have an opportunity to showcase this beauty and enhance our well being. There are curative properties to crystals as well, this only adds to the benefits. For example, carnelian ranges from a deep red to a light, almost orange hue, it is thought to enhance creativity. It is a stabilizing stone with high energy and is excellent for restoring vitality and motivation. Carnelian is also known to increase business success as it clears the mind and allows the wearer to focus on the reality of any given situation. Dispels apathy, improves analytic abilities and clarifies perception. These properties may not work for everyone but, if you can release preconceived ideas and focus on what it can possibly do for you, the mind follows suit. Hey, it can’t hurt, give it a try!

As the distractions of technology keep us distant from a real human connection, designing and creating a piece of jewelry returns me to a quiet place, allowing me time to reconnect with my community. It allows me to turn inward and appreciate who I am and what I have to contribute to society. Simply, it just makes me feel good! If we simply put down our smartphone, tablet or laptop, we may find something interesting in the person next to us.

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