Top Tips on How to Organise an Inexpensive British Event

Top Tips on How to Organise an Inexpensive British Event

Organise a Planning group

It’s always fun to plan a party, so why not pour some tea with a collective of creative’s (by creative’s, I mean those close relations who may be design orientated, marketers, good cooks, florists, extroverts and/or performers etc.) to get some innovation on the go? Call up the innovative minds within your friends, family and local area and set some royal English party ideas alight over some cucumber sandwiches. Find a place that’s of British influence like your local park, a greasy spoon, the grounds of a nearby historic manor or keep it simple in the comfort of your front room and get brainstorming to make your party the best Jubilee celebration England has ever seen.


Make your own! Children love paint and by getting them involved, they can be creative and independent whilst having fun. Organise a decoration day where all the children and young people from your family and friends can play together to make bunting, invitations and flags. Cut some paper triangles and decorate with the union jack, a crown, drawings of the queen or the Olympic rings (just an idea). Save jam and sauce jars and decorate with paint to create unique candle holders to hang around the garden, or use them as miniature flower pots.


Create some versatility with a selection of world foods, how? Get party attendees to bring a dish on their arrival. Whether its pre prepared food for the BBQ or a selection of rice, pasta, salad and nibbles or baked treats, it’s a stress free solution and gets everyone involved in the celebrations. Make some lemonade and fruit punch (always cheap to make) and add a little tipple for the adults. For those less inclined to cook, get them to bring a bottle or cocktail contribution instead. It’s a win win situation.


Everybody knows someone who knows someone who can play an instrument or is a member of a band. Entice them with the opportunity to play live and pay them with food and drink. You could also get a CD playlist together and get the children to act out a play commemorating Britain. Get some games on the go such as pin the tail on the corgi,bowls, egg and spoon and three legged races are always winners. Then again, football’s a winner too – even if England didn’t win the Euro’s.

Plan for the weather

Hire a gazebo and get some bring really big umbrellas.

Contact your local council

If you’re planning to hold a street party you must apply for a permit by calling your local authority.

If you’re a business wanting to hold a British themed event, then get some advice from an event business that specialises in event management . They have a multitude of experience and may be able to give you ideas that will make your event unique and memorable. Celebrate Britain in style.

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