War Skunks

War Skunks

(Land of the Pharaoh: the end of the American Dynasty)

When a war goes on as long as America’s wars do, in particular,

America with Afghanistan and Iraqi (we can add, Vietnam too)-

It’s a crime; it really is… !

The greed, and lies for peace mean nothing-it’s all cheap talk: it is amusing, we become great authors of tragedies…

We hide the soldier’s bibles, bleach the blood out of their cloths, while industry signs contracts for a billion more bullets, vehicles, Missiles, and much, much more, to wet the earth with, to scorch it raw… !

Quietly, Obama, makes it all look so clean, he even softens the battle cry into romance, while fire flickers deep inside his serpentine Eyes: inside his dark-heart, and he goes on with the busy pleasures of life-dancing to the tune of Europe, and the devil’s shadow…

Making his own personal contracts without people or congress… ; the wild-cat, coon and wood-rat, the false prophet… doom!

There is nothing holy anymore in America, and the angels are getting ready to leave, leave American, and then planet earth,

To watch the fireworks, far-off by a nebula, I think they’ve had enough

I don’t blame them.

While our people continue to play tricks, blast the enemy, as we sink deeper into the pit; it doesn’t really matter what I say, and he Knows it-he has the world by the tail, there will be no atonement, not for him or his kind; while annihilation comes leaping close behind,

The dogs of Russia, will no longer lick the dish clean: blood cries for blood, crime for reprisal, and once the bombs start, they will echo Forever.

You see, nature has stopped dreaming, as man continues his scheming, in the ice cold winter it will start, Yellow Dawn-and Nature unmistakable knows, the strong and wealthiest of nations will be crippled soon-then what? Oedipus!…

They will all say to one another, “It is better to be silent, and not to strike at all-but if we do, if we have to, then it is better that we strike Deadly and over and over again… “

We are entering the era of disturbance: it will not fade, and we are beyond the point of return.

This is the time of muddy foolishness, false impressions, demagogues, cheating shepherds: to death we march: shuffling along the Corridors as if looking for peace, how silly can we be, when war brings to the conquerors (industry), more than victory, but power and Golden eagles-we are the harlot, a great promiser-

Soon, we will empty the world of the old, grandchildren, children, wives, and animals… all that will be left, will be half soldiers!

Find your sanctuary…

#3361 (6-11 & 27-2012)

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