Where to Hang an Event Poster

Event posters are one of the simplest and cheapest ways to promote your outdoor movie event, but it is important to choose the right places to hang your posters to attract the best turnout. Here are some tips for choosing the right locations to hang your outdoor movie posters to effectively advertise your event.

Choose high traffic areas. When a large amount of people see the posters, you are more likely to have a good turnout. For a neighborhood event, like one put on by a homeowner’s association, hang posters in the community club house. Also advertising at the front entrance is another good way for all the residents coming in and out of the neighborhood to get informed about the event. For other organizations, choose high traffic areas like the main entrance or hallways. If your organization has a bulletin board, then be sure to prominently display a poster there.

If your outdoor movie is open to the public you should advertise by hanging posters on public bulletin boards in places like county parks. Target your desired audience by partnering with local businesses that serve your desired audience. For a family friendly event, ask for permission to hang posters promoting your event at local daycare centers and pediatrician’s offices. If your event is geared more towards teens, then hang a poster at a local teen center, bowling alley or other popular teen hangout.

Be creative and choose a variety of places to advertise your outdoor movie event, but keep in mind that there are some places that are not appropriate for advertising. Never hang event posters on private property or fences, or leave them on cars. This may not only be illegal, but also doesn’t give a good impression to your event.

Besides choosing the right places to hang your posters, you must also choose the best material for hanging them. Never use duct tape, since it can cause damage when it is removed; instead use painter’s or double sided tape to hang your posters. You do not want to damage any property when taking the posters down, especially if you hang posters at local businesses.

There are many ways to advertise an outdoor movie event, including utilizing new methods like social networking. The basic poster is still effective, though, and should be included in your outdoor movie event marketing strategy. Use these tips to make the most of your outdoor movie event posters by choosing the best locations to hang them.

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